Prevent burglary with camera security

Prevent burglary with camera security
43,000 times, that’s how many times they broke in in 2018. A break-in leaves a lot of damage behind. Not only does a burglar often take valuables with him and destroy things when he tries to get inside, the immaterial damage is also enormous. After all, someone has been in your house. This can make people feel uncomfortable in their own house.

The solution
Fortunately, there is also a way to drastically reduce the risk of burglary: camera security. Camera security increases the chance that the perpetrator of a burglary will be caught. Camera security also has a deterrent effect: why would a burglar increase the chance of being caught by breaking into a house with camera security?

The species:
There are different types of alarmsystemen, each with its own advantages. Which camera best suits your situation, you can read below.

Wireless camera
If you don’t want to pull wires through your house, but you do want to keep your house under camera surveillance, then a wireless camera is the best solution for you. The camera runs on a battery, so it will need to be replaced every now and then, but the camera is easy to move. Also, the camera still works when the power fails.

Dome camera
You know him. The famous security camera in a sphere. The sphere makes it impossible for burglars to see which way the camera is filming. There are dome cameras that you can run and dome cameras that you can’t run. The dome cameras that do run will be slightly more expensive.

Analog cameras
An analogue camera is the cheapest option, but also the one with the least quality. You can connect the analog camera to a recorder, so the images can be seen later. Striking is that an analog camera is not much cheaper than the other variants, while the quality with the other cameras is much higher.

IP camera
This is the most luxurious form of camera security. The IP camera is also called the network camera. The images are always full-HD and can be stored in the cloud instead of on a recorder. This way, the images can later be viewed on different devices. IP cameras are available both wireless and wired.

Infrared camera
Even when it is completely dark, this camera provides sharp images. Nowadays many cameras have this function. An infrared camera is also not extremely expensive: from 230 euro you have a good camera with infrared function.

So do you want a system that initially works preventively, and otherwise still ensures that the burglar is caught? Then opt for camera security. If you want to save on the installation of camera security, it is always useful to compare quotations. source: